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T'AU EMPIRE: ARMY SET Kroot Hunting Pack

T'AU EMPIRE: ARMY SET Kroot Hunting Pack

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The Kroot are the most ubiquitous of the many alien auxiliaries that work with the T’au Empire. These ferocious hunters are masters of fieldcraft and guerilla warfare, harassing their enemies with unparalleled fury and no small hunger. 

The Kroot Hunting Pack army set crams in 20 new plastic Kroot Carnivores and a Krootox Rider, led by a veteran Kroot War Shaper. On top of that, a Flesh Shaper empowers the pack through butchery rituals while three impetuous Kroot Rampagers barrel into the enemy lines.

This box is also the first place you’ll be able to get Codex: T’au Empire, which contains all of the rules for the miniatures in the box and the rest of the T’au Empire’s forces, and comes with unique artwork. You also get a pack of 44 cards containing an army rule card, a double-sided drone rules card, four Combat Patrol datasheets and 38 T’au Empire Datasheets. The Codex and cards come in a special cardboard slipcase with an elastic strap so you can tote them around to your games. 

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