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Seaside by Bryan Burgoyne

Seaside by Bryan Burgoyne

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Experience the rich and vivid living shore environment, where every token you draw brings the seaside to life with birds, shells, crabs, sand dunes, and waves!

Reach into the bag, pick a token, and get ready to make a splash! Choose your side wisely – whether you're soaring with seagulls, treasure hunting in the shells, or joining the crabby crew. Apply the effects, collect those tokens, and stack 'em up high!

Embrace the thrill of chance as you ride the waves of fortune. Will you play it safe or go all-in for the win?

Gather your crew, grab your sunscreen, and get ready for a beach day like no other. The highest stack takes the crown as the ruler of the living shore in Seaside!

  • Plastic-free packaging and components
  • Travel-friendly screenprinted bag included for storage and play
  • Water-proof, wind and sand proof play components for play wherever it takes you
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