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I Would Kill Hitler: Second Edition

I Would Kill Hitler: Second Edition

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Back by popular demand! This high demand, impulse purchase party game also packs a punch with tons of laughs and SO much room for player choice in a compact, simple party game package.

• A game of answering history's most challenging ethical dilemmas and hilarious hypotheticals.
• Perfect for DND or RPG enthusiasts who crave a fun party game for them!
• Make every word up on the spot, using plot cards in your story.
• Includes 400 cards. 100 of these are hypothetical cards to set the scene and 300 are plot cards to tell the story - no two rounds are the same.
• Themed solo expansions available and are STANDALONE.
• Great for 4-8 players, ages 14+.

The game is simple! Players answer "What Would You Do?" to original hypotheticals using the cards in their hands to help tell their story.
Each round a judge will read a hypothetical dilemma from the deck, and the remaining players will use one of their Plot Cards to inspire an "on-the-spot" story.

How to Play:
1. All players have 5 Plot Cards in hand.
2. Plot Cards are items, POVs, dialogue, people, or story elements you MUST include in your story if played.
3. There will be one judge per round who will read the Hypothetical Card to the group.
4. Players then select one Plot Card from their hand. They MUST incorporate it into their story.
5. The judge decides who's story was funniest, most realistic, or most plausible. That player wins the round.
6. The winning player keeps the hypothetical card to track their score.
7. After a player collects 5 Hypothetical Cards, that player wins the game.

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