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The Zoider Armada has invaded Earth. Fight back piloting giant robots fueled by Giga-Shards, turning fighting spirit into raw power! But other Giga-powered humans stand in the way only seeking power for themselves. Win your opponents’ Giga-Shards and forge your fate in combat! (quote can be used on social media per publisher)

Mix, match, and fully customize your pilot, robot, and every card you use in thematic duels evoking classic Super Robot anime. The battlefield is a weapon—smash your opponent across the map, through miniature buildings and hazards, changing the terrain as you play. Act on every turn—respond to attacks with any card in your hand, and gain resources from taking damage, so you’re never on the sidelines. Dynamic cooldown system—plan your turns and set up powerful combos by tracking when each of your cards will return to your hand. Expandable and evolving—pilot and robot expansions, card packs and playable kaiju add even more to a deeply replayable core game, and allow up to 6 players to join the battle.

Giga-Robo has the customization of CCGs and the tactics of skirmish games, all while feeling like you're in an explosive episode of a giant robot anime.


4 unpainted plastic robot miniatures
15 unpainted plastic terrain structures
132 robot cards
65 pilot cards
32 impact cards
144 barrier, trauma, and power tokens
89 impact tiles
12 attack dice
12 power dice
5 defense dice
24 robot abilities
16 tracking cubes
5 pilot boards
4 robot boards
Full-color rulebook
Double-sided city board

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